Badass Zelda Gameplay for Hyrule Warriors

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I actually wanted to colour that hospital-au-sketch but I’m too afraid I’ll fail so I just continue to cry draw multiple sketches of OTPs which I’ll never colour too and not finishing stuff I actually need to finish like writing that damn report -.-


∞ reasons to love Amy Lee
I’ll believe all your lies, just pretend you love me..
—Anything for You- Evanescence (via dark-angel-in-a-white-dress)
time recedes every day
you can search your soul but you won’t see
as we pass ever on and away
towards some blank infinity
—Anathema “Deep" from Judgement (via foxxxy95)


"this is the version of fragile dreams what you really wanna hear"


Leila, ill-fated Ostian spy

painting practice, then somehow Fire Emblem

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